To access the bridge please use

Reflector 4420 on the BrandMeister Network

Room 27753 on the Yaesu Wires-X Network

Please note that there is a 3 minute timer on the Wires-X system

The  Uk’s First Yaesu Wires-X to BrandMeister DMR Bridge

Welcome to the Web-Site of bm1uk.

This site has been developed for the link/bridge from Yaesu Wires-X to BrandMeister DMR.

To access from DMR, use Reflector 4420, once connected you will be heard on DMR & Yaesu Wires-X room 27753.

To access from Yaesu Wires-X, you need to connect to Room 27753, once connected you will be heard on the Wires-X System & DMR BrandMeister reflector 4420.

BrandMeister reflector 4420 is also linked to UK_YSF_BM_UK the UK YSF Fusion reflector and as such forms a bridge between Wires-X - DMR - YSF

GB3IN  is currently running a Fusion repeater and is also connected to the link/bridge via UK_YSF_BM_UK. There is a dashboard at which shows the last heard etc.

Ensure that your Yaesu radio is in DN mode. If you transmit in VW mode, no audio will be heard on the DMR side of the link/bridge.

There is a three minute timer on the Wires-X room, which is set by Yaesu and cannot be altered, so please bear this in mind if you are prone to long overs.

Please give it a go, but like anything new, it all takes time in getting the word out there and letting the Amateur Community know.

Please don't be disappointed if you put a call out and nobody comes back to you on your first attempt.

As more people get to know about it, and please put the word about, the through traffic will grow.

Have a play with the system, you won't break anything, we think you will be pleasantly surprised on how well the link works & how good the through audio is on both system's.

Any reports would be appreciated on your findings to

And please continue to call back, as you can see this site is still under construction.

More information may be found on this Facebook Group.

Feel free to join the group and post any information.

Last updated 18-01-2017